Monday, August 24, 2009

Questions About Homeschooling

Hey Everyone, I'm trying out the new blog. I have other blogs, but I haven't kept up with them. Maybe this one will be different. Maybe not.

As the new school is looming around the corner, I've been asked by a few of you about homeschooling. Aahh yes, I do that too. :-) Homeschooling is like eating meal. Sometimes it is the most satisfying experience and you feel great. Other times, it just doesn't set right and you have indigestion. But is all good in the end; children are nurtured and trained, and you will receive a vast reward - if you do it as unto the Lord.

Below I will tell you specifically what I am doing this year with my kids:

Jana is doing mostly college classes now either through local colleges or CLEP tests. There's a great book I've read called College Without Compromise that explains in detail how to do this. Also a great website resource is There you will find lesson plans and recommended resources for specific clep tests. Jana just got accepted into the Symphony Orchestra at UNCC. We are thrilled with this opportunity as it will be a whole new experience for her on violin.

Abbi is entering high school this year. She did Teaching Textbooks Algebra I last year (I highly recommend Teaching Textbooks for Math), and we're not sure if she will do Algebra II, Geometry, or Business Math this year. She will also do LLATL, Apologia Biology, and review all the Famous Men series history books.

I like to alternate Easy Grammar with LLATL. We've used Math U See and Teaching Textbooks. We flop around with history and science. I probably have just about every program out there. I use the Christian Liberty Nature Readers as well as various other resources. I have stuck with Apologia in the upper grades, and I am happy with that. We are currently working on All American History published by Bright Ideas press. I'm not thrilled with the textbook, but we're trying to get through it. I like Beautiful Feet's approach also, and my kids have always liked Our Island Story and books like that. I have an eclectic approach to homeschooling so I've used a lot of things. I've gotten a lot of resources from a wonderful site for Charlotte Mason style educating.

We have a first grader again this year! She will do Math U See and Sing, Spell, Read and Write as her core. I will probably also use some of Five in a Row and a new spelling program that I can't remember.

I try to get the older kids on a mostly independent study program for their main subjects so that I can work with the younger ones on reading and math. I like to read to them living history books, good literature and Bible. We are still working on the Genesis Commentary for Children by Nancy Ganz. Excellent book, by the way. It's just taking us a while to get through it. I also have enjoyed the Greenway Press Old Testament History book for Bible.

Curriculum choices are so varied, and there is no one program that will work for everyone. The great thing about homeschooling is that if something is not working, you can always change it. I think it's important to know your child's learning style and interests and also your style as a teacher. You can tailor your program to fit your and your child's needs.


  1. I use many on the same books. I love Math U See, Beautiful Feet, Apologia. I used a new Science curriculm for grades 4-8 by Answers in Genesis people. It's call Christian Kids Explore (Chemistry, Physics) We loved it. A great Music Theory software for young kids is Music Ace Deluxe.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much!

    So I've been looking at Language arts for my 3rd and 4th grader online for about 3 weeks. I'm trying to find something that would cover handwriting, spelling, reading and grammar. LLATL looks like it would fit this need, but how much time would it take me per child a day? Also would it be possible to use the 4th level with them both? Or should they stay in different levels?

    The other option I looked into was shurley grammar or easy grammar ~ adding spelling, reading and handwriting. ????

    Any advice on the time factor since I will have a one in K, and two in first.

    Miss Gina you said you alternate years in LLATL and Easy Grammar. Which would you pick if this was your first year teaching all five of your children???? :)

    Anyone who reads this can respond!!!

    Grace and LIfe!


  3. Ok!!! So I found and it has so much info about their products and great prices on what I am looking to buy!

    So I've decided after seeing sample lessons from LLATL to go with that for my two oldest! I just need to decide if I should use the yellow with both, the orange with both, or one with each at grade level. Any thoughts?

    I'm really excited about this year!!! Hope you are too!

    Grace and Life!