Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Benefits of Thankfulness, part 1

Thanksgiving Releases and Awareness of God’s Presence...
When I am mindful of what he gives and thoughtful enough to pay attention and say thank you, it positions my heart in a place of looking for him.  
My eyes are open to the next thing he might do, the next gift he might quietly leave - while he gazes intently to see if I’ll notice.
As I find these gifts and unwrap them, I feel his nearness, and I realize - he’s here now.
These little gifts are his signature, his “I was here” graffiti.  As I pass throughout the day looking for those trail marks, I find that I’m really looking for him.  And with each one that I take into my heart and return a nod, a prayer, or a sigh of thanksgiving, I think I hear him; the crunch of his stepping on a nearby fallen twig gives him away.  He’s very close.  He’s watching me.  He’s trying to see if I’ll discover all those love notes he posted along the path.  
Below is a song I wrote while pondering these truths...

You Put it There for Me
Something, something’s pulling me forward
Giving me an expectancy
Something, something’s pulling me closer
Opening my eyes to see
Maybe it was just the song of a thousand birds in the trees
Maybe it was just the sun lighting up the sky at sunset
Maybe it was just the voice of child singing so purely
But I know whatever it was
You put it there for me
You put it there for me to see
A gift for me to hold
You did it so that I would know
You’re just that close
And I see your beauty
And I hear your voice
And I feel your presence
All around, all around me

~ Jeana


  1. Amen sister! Psalm 62:8 Pour your heart out before Him! Thank you for sharing- it's beautiful!