Monday, January 10, 2011


Even with all the amazing gifts of love each day, they are actually reminders of greater things to come. 
It's as if we're on an expedition finding gold. But all the flecks we uncover - as wonderful, beautiful and exhilarating as they may be - are indications that the Mother-load is out there still unrealized
“Open my eyes to see the wonderful mystery of love” - when I receive a gift of your love here, help me to lift my eyes to the Giver who is smiling at me with love whispering, "There's more where that came from; indeed, much more than you can imagine... Just wait till you get here." have a better and an enduring possession for yourselves in heaven. Hebrews 10:34

#53 New beginnings with new mercies for each new day.
#54 Chocolate covered pretzels

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