Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Becoming More of a Child

How would I know Christ as my deliverer unless I had been in a pit?
How would I know him as my Savior unless I had been lost?
How would I know him as the One who calms the storm 
unless I had been in the midst of a tempest?
How would I know him as my provider if I had never been in need?
How would I learn to depend on him if I were never destitute?
How would I know him as my healer if I had never been sick?
So I can give thanks even if I don’t have a lot, even if I’m being tossed by life’s storms, even I’m struggling with illness, even if I am at the end of all my natural resources... 
indeed “he THEN is all my hope and stay.”
It’s during those times when I learn who he really is.  
If I don’t truly experience HIM during adversity, drought, famine, or trials, then do I really KNOW him at all?  Am I only thankful during times of prosperity - those rare moments when “everything is going great”?  
I have to find GOD no matter the situation.  I think he set it up this way.  He’s there pulling for me saying, “Come on, you can do it.  Just trust me this time.  Keep praising, keep rejoicing.  Watch what I will do.  Watch who you’ll become...”

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